Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alone no more

My Year Listening to God--

When you feel alone, is God truly with you?

In my journey as a Christ-follower, I find there are times when God feels so far away. Not all the time, but on different occasions, i sense God is not so close. Yes, I understand the theological truth that God resides within His believers (John 14:16-17) at the time you decide to follow God. But there are times when I feel alone.
My readings today come to the place where God reassures Isaac that God is with him. Genesis 26:24 says, "I am the God of your father Abraham; Do not fear, for I am with you..." Just like Isaac I need the reassurance that God is with me. I do fear. But I believe God's truth that He is always with me but sometimes I feel like He is not near.

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I am so glad that God shares the reassurance--do not fear. I can feel fearful, but God addresses my shortcomings on an emotional level. He will build me up with the fact that He is my God and He will be with me therefore I do not have to allow fear to paralyze me or to make me flee. I can embrace my fear and choose to move towards God or choose to remain stedfast in God. No matter where my emotions emerge, I can choose to embrace God and His reassurance.

I hope that makes sense. From my perspective, I am so glad that God takes care of me, even when I fear or feel that I am alone. I have the God of the Universe in my life but when I feel alone, He can reassure me with the words--do not fear, I am with you. I challenge you to stop what you are doing and inhale deeply and listen for those reassuring words, "Do not fear, I am with you." God can be with you like He is with me. I wonder if you heard those reassuring words in your mind or heart. Let me know what you think.

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