Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to be the best dad

In the above link, I am reminded how incredibly responsible I am as a dad. I spent the first two days of my week with my oldest daughter. She is the third child in our family. I admit that it is easier to be with my boys than with my girls. But I intended to spend time with her. We traveled to Indiana to visit with her cousins while I helped provide perspective on Native Americans to sophomores at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN.

My daughter and I enjoyed more than time together. She is so unique. I loved hearing how she views things. I marveled at what caught her eye on the trip out her window. In fact, she saw things that I missed.

She also is my princess. Yet I could jeopardize my influence in her life. I need to shore up accountability in my life. I am glad that Jim Burns' article and list of accountability questions will spur me on to make sure my walk with God lines up with my talk of my relationship with God.