Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Culture Matters

In a recent Breakpoint program on January 23, 2008, Chuck Colson offers a good read. He suggests you read Culture Matters by T.M. Moore. I have it marked as a book to-read. In the preview of the book on Amazon, I read about the challenge of engaging culture.

According to Moore, "Culture is inevitable, even essential. But not all culture is edifying, and this is especially so when our objective lifeis the realization of the Kingdom...(Matthew 6:33; Romans 14:17). Some aspects of culture will present obstacles to the pursuit of the Kingdom of God, while other aspects can be useful in expressing and furthering that enterprise. The challenge to those called to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness is to be able to determine which is which, and to evaluate and employ culture in ways consistent with our callings as followers of the Lord (pp.20-21)."

I concur with the challenge of discernment. I look forward to reading how to work hard in the process of evaluating and employing culture in ways consistent with the Bible.