Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Year Listening to God

Global warming.

I believe the Bible speaks to it. In my readings this morning, I read these words from God,
"While the earth remains,
seedtime and harvest,
And cold and HEAT,
And summer and winter,
And day and night
Shall not cease.
(Genesis 8:22)
As long as the Earth lasts, it will experience cold and heat. Global warming is a key issue in many minds. So as a Christian I can address it from a biblical worldview.
Here in the beginnings of the created order, God reaffirms what He initiated. He is in charge of the heating and cooling of the earth.
As his creation, humankind can observe the environment more meticulously and more accurately. Yet in the big picture of things, God is in charge. He rules over His creation. As long as the earth remains God will oversee the warming and the cooling of the earth. I take solace in that fact.

by geezer741uk

Now does that mean I don't care about the wise stewardship of God's creation? No. Neither does it mean that I obsess about my carbon footprint. I must maintain balance. I am God's creation, He created this earth for me and for all who presently reside and all who will eventually emerge onto this earth. I sense extremes and radicals who would push the pendulum or stack the balance in their favor according to their political biases. But right now, I seek a moderate approach to global warming.

Global warming is a fact recorded by scientists. In my worldview, I believe God oversees His creation--so I trust Him to take care of it all. Likewise, I believe God holds me responsible for how I steward what He has entrusted to each person who emerges onto this planet. Still, I am not solely responsible or ultimately responsible for what occurs. We have only been tracking global temperatures as long as the techonology to do so has developed. So we may not know the patterns of how the earth heats and cools over the centuries prior to scientific observation. Nevetheless, the earth is warming up.

I need to know more. I wonder if you have resources for me to read and investigate. Sure, I can start with a wiki. But what other resources are available to gather more data so that I can more wisely steward God's creation for His glory and under His sovereign oversight. Please comment and send me information on the various viewpoints you come across or propound.