Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trend Central - Grim to Green

Trend Central - Grim To Green
Young adults would do this. There is risk. Trespassing. Misdemeanor. Felony. But what about the strategic "planting" of the seeds of the Gospel toward a new church. One could do the same in the city targeting it for the Gospel. The exercise would be a rallying point for asking the God of Creation to bring to fruition His church from within the urban, concrete jungle. I wonder if someone would do it. I wonder if I would be a guerrilla gardener for the fruits of the Gospel.

Advancing missions today and beyond

IG has challenged my thinking again as I consider my role as Cross-cultural Missions pastor. From their May 12 email newsletter, I need to discover how to depict missions in a way that will stir viewers' souls, captivate vast human audiences, and eventually gives missions the spotlight it deserves. IG featured three things that I could see emerge in my area of ministry as my storyline for the future: produce or access mission-themed documentaries for church-wide and FGBC release, a missions network about people where the drama of people on-mission draws others to stay for the foundational biblical principles for our strategic, epic trips, harness strategic trips to the fields where we partner with missionaries so that a growing audience of church attendees can satisfy their curiosity of those far-off places and with the weak economy we can't afford to acutally make the trip. I need to muse about this some more, "wallow" in these thoughts.

Home - Connect Your World

Home - Connect Your World

Worldvision is moving things ahead in using technology and social networks to involve more people in sponsoring their children. I wonder if the Wooster Grace missionary partnerships have considered this. Just wondering.

Pastor Daron