Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Jeopardy Question

I came across this video from my newsreader, NewsGator. I thought you could try to answer this question from Jeopardy. The question. Your answer?

Here is the answer and video to prove it.

Play is Good

In an article in the NY Times (Feb 17, 2008), Robin Marantz Henig writes about the need for play in anyone's life. Her article entitled, "Take Play Seriously," offers a great overview of play. I know in my own life. I need play. I need a break from my tasks and appointments. I need physical movement even as an adult. So take a half-hour and go play today.

Henig concludes her article with these thought-provoking words, "children would suffer if free play really does turn out to be a thing of the past. It seems almost ludicrous to ask such a question. Of course play is good for something; it is the essence of good. Watch children at play, and the benefits are so obvious: just look at those ecstatic faces, just listen to those joyful squeals. Stuart Brown (president of the National Institute for Play) alluded to it in his library talk last month. ‘‘Look at life without play, and it’s not much of a life,’’ he told the audience. ‘‘If you think of all the things we do that are play related and erase those, it’s pretty hard to keep going.’’ Without play, he said, ‘‘there’s a sense of dullness, lassitude and pessimism, which doesn’t work well in the world we live in.’’

In the end, it comes down to a matter of trade-offs. There are only six hours in a school day, only another six or so till bedtime, and adults are forever trying to cram those hours with activities that are productive, educational and (almost as an afterthought) fun. Animal findings about how play influences brain growth suggest that playing, though it might look silly and purposeless, warrants a place in every child’s day. Not too overblown a place, not too sanctimonious a place, but a place that embraces all styles of play and that recognizes play as every bit as essential to healthful neurological development as test-taking drills, Spanish lessons or Suzuki violin.

I wonder what you think about play in your life? The Bible says, "There is an appointed time for everything. and there is a time for every event under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1)." So there is a time for play. So get up off your couch, chair, or seat and go play. It is good for you.
I play with my children. With my boys, I am the designated goalie for indoor hockey. For my girls, I am the "horsey." Both forms of play really wear me out. But I love it. Yeah, even when my knees hurt or when my shirt is sweaty, I enjoy playing with me children. I need to play. So do you.