Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sowing Hope

Tonight I helped throw a party! Our church at Wooster Grace is focused on outreach. We have targeted a apartment complex where single moms and the working poor live. We extend to them God's love. The name of this outreah is Sowing Hope. Tonight we threw a valentine's party. Yeah, I know. It's not Valentine's Day yet. But we did something cool.

This is the second year the outreach team mobilized believers to throw this party. The church gathers valentines, a meal, a gospel message, and people to love-on the children and adults. The kids who attend create take-home boxes which they decorate. We purchase for them valentine card sets for them to take home so that they can prepare them for their friends at school or in the neighborhood. Most of these children can't afford to buy valentines, so we provide them. Then they can share them with their friends. We don't rubber stamp the valentines with our logo or church name. We just let them take 'em home to give out to their friends--no strings attached.

I can't tell you how amazing it is to learn names of new friends. Little ones who want to feel loved. You see the glee in their eyes as they receive the valentine cards. Their beaming smiles shine out the smell of body odor (some kids don't bathe too often). Still, God loves each of them very much. I know this pleases God! He wants us to love others as we have been loved. God is great God. He can do amazing things through us. May God give you the prompting to love others around you in His name, attribute your acts and words of love to Him. Bless people with God's love through you!